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The only software that brings a local weather forecast, long-range weather forecasts,
daily horoscopes, biorhythm calculator, Web cams, and weather maps to your desktop.

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Get a local weather forcast and long-range weather forcasts on your PC desktop. Get free daily horoscopes for all horoscope signs. Know your biorhythms with our calculator of biorhythm compatibility

We have witnessed a tragedy recently. MS Outlook of our support technician yielded up the spirit. The file where it contains messages got corrupted and all our efforts to resurrect it were in vain. Depression crept over us because we had some really good testimonials there. For example, a thank-you letter from a Latvian janitor who said Weather Screen helped him decide which tools should be prepared for the next few days thus saving an hour of sleep in the morning.

Since we are also depressed about testimonials on some other sites, which are false to the core, we won't fabricate them. Enjoy some old ones that were inherited from the previous version of this site. All testimonials are published AS IS, without any modifications to the original copy.

I grew up at the South-East tip of England, where the North Sea meets the English Channel, and where a persistent subject of conversation was the weather. The most reliable source was a craggy old mariner who would squint at the sky and pronounce on the forthcoming vagaries of wind and wave with remarkable accuracy. Now I squint at my computer screen and wonder why, with all our satellites and accumulated knowledge, we haven't improved on Mad Harry (so called due to his habit of diving off the lighthouse into the sea from time to time). For those who have more confidence in global weather prediction, try this one. It is a program that allows one to get a weather forecast for almost anywhere in the World, and that displays the information in an attractive and simple format on your PC desktop.


Weather Screen is a nicely designed and powerful weather tool. Not only does it allow you to monitor the weather conditions all around the globe, but it also provides a wealth of additional information - access to satellite images, weather maps, long range weather forecast and even a substantial list of live web cams around the world that are easily accessible from the categorized menu. Usage is very easy, the interface is well designed and very pleasant.
Overall, one of the most powerful weather tools you can find.


Hi from Greece!!! Congratulations on your amazing WeatherScreen software. I have installed it on my PC and only good comments I have to say.
Keep up the good work...
- George Vlahos


The WeatherScreen program works well and is very useful.
- J R Speller


Congratulation! Just to tell you that this program is something that I was desiring a lot of time ago. Thank you to those who created and did possible.
- Miguel Angel Vasquez Montano


Thank you very much for providing the Weather Screen. It's really a helpful and amazing. It's quite a long time that I've been looking for a national weather forecast for my PC. One thing nice with your program is we can check the weather on different cities in many part of the world.
- Donna Buenaventur


Congratulations...program working well. Happy to pass on to my friends and family. Appreciate all your efforts.
- Jack R. Mace


I have downloaded Your GREAT software, and it works totaly o.k. I love all the stuff that You have in it. BTW. the satelite images are great. Many thanks for writing this software it really helpful.
- Vladimir Kopric


Overall you have a very good and informative product.
- Charles Fox

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